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Linkifun GT7 Android 13 Smart AI Box Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto Adapter 4GB RAM + 64GB Storage

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4G Network & ROM

Support Phones

  • Works with iPhone & Android

Product Features

✔ Seamless Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto

✔ Built-In Apps for Online Video Streaming

✔ Built-In GPS Navigation

✔ Download Apps via Google Play Store

✔ Split-Screen Multitasking

✔ 4G LTE & WiFi Connectivity

✔ Expandable Storage via Micro SD Card

Compatible Vehicle Models List

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GT7 device highlighting its parallel systems: Wireless CarPlay, Android Auto, and Android 13, for flexible smartphone integration.

Versatile Triple System: Wireless CarPlay, Android Auto, and Android 13

The GT7 Support three distinct systems: wireless CarPlay, wireless Android Auto, and an independent Android 13 operating system, allowing users to choose according to their needs. Each system operates separately, providing flexibility in how drivers integrate their smartphones with their car's display. Without the need for cables, connecting to either CarPlay or Android Auto is effortless, offering a seamless experience for accessing navigation, music, and other apps. The Android 13 system adds another layer of utility, enabling the use of Android apps directly on the car’s dashboard. This parallel setup ensures users can switch between systems as required, catering to a wide range of preferences and needs.S

GT7 device screen displaying popular apps from Google Play Store, including Spotify, Waze, and Audible, for a personalized car dashboard.

Direct Access to Google Play Store Apps

One of the standout features of the GT7 is its support for downloading various applications directly from the Google Play Store. This capability allows users to customize their in-car experience by adding apps like Spotify for music streaming, Waze for navigation, and Audible for audiobooks, along with access to news, weather, and productivity apps such as Google News, AccuWeather, and Google Calendar. Direct access to the Google Play Store not only expands the functionality of the car’s infotainment system but also ensures that drivers have all their favorite apps at their fingertips, enhancing both convenience and the overall driving experience.

Built-in entertainment apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu

Equipped with built-in access to premier entertainment platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, the GT7 stands out as a leader in in-car entertainment. This feature provides a vast array of video content directly on your car's dashboard, including movies, TV series, documentaries, and user-generated videos. Ideal for keeping passengers entertained during long drives or while waiting, the inclusion of these platforms ensures there's always engaging content available. With this capability, the GT7 eliminates the need for external devices or complex setups for streaming, turning the vehicle into a dynamic entertainment center. It enhances the travel experience, making every journey more enjoyable and entertaining for both the driver (under safe, stationary conditions) and passengers.

The GT7 device displaying its split-screen feature, enabling simultaneous navigation and music control on the car’s dashboard screen.

Multi-Tasking with Split-Screen Functionality

Enhancing its user interface, the GT7 introduces a split-screen feature that significantly boosts multitasking capabilities. This functionality allows drivers to display and operate two applications simultaneously on the car’s screen. For instance, users can navigate using a map on one side while selecting music or managing calls on the other, ensuring that important functions are always accessible without needing to switch back and forth between apps. This split-screen capability makes the driving experience more efficient and enjoyable, allowing for a smoother integration of technology into everyday travel.

Advanced Navigation with Built-In GPS

Featuring built-in GPS functionality, this device enables users to utilize popular mapping services such as Google Maps, Amap (Gaode Map), and Waze for reliable, real-time navigation. With this integration, the GT7 offers a seamless navigation experience, providing accurate routes, traffic updates, and destination insights directly on the car's dashboard. Whether planning a long journey or navigating through city streets, users can rely on up-to-date information to guide them efficiently to their destinations. This built-in GPS capability ensures that drivers have access to the best routing information without the need for external devices, making travel more convenient and stress-free.

Interface of the GT7 showing options for online music streaming and playback from a TF card.

Flexible Music Playback: Online and TF Card Options

This device offers both online music streaming and TF card playback, providing a versatile audio experience. Users can enjoy streaming services like Spotify or use a TF card for offline music, making it easy to switch between internet-based and stored collections. The GT7 ensures continuous musical enjoyment, adapting to different connectivity conditions and personal preferences.

GT7 showcasing its advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology for a faster, longer-range, and more stable connection.

Enhanced Connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0

Featuring the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, this device offers an upgraded connection experience that is faster, covers a longer range, and ensures more stable transmissions. With Bluetooth 5.0, users can quickly connect their devices to the GT7 with minimal effort, experiencing less lag and dropouts. This technology extends the usable range significantly, meaning your device can stay connected even at greater distances from the GT7, perfect for large vehicles or when moving around. The stable connection also guarantees high-quality audio streaming and reliable hands-free calls, enhancing both safety and entertainment on the road.

GT7 device highlighting the powerful Snapdragon 6225 chipset for enhanced performance and efficiency.

Powered by Snapdragon 6225 for Superior Performance

Equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 6225 chipset, this device delivers exceptional performance, capable of handling multiple applications smoothly and efficiently. The Snapdragon 6225 ensures that the GT7 operates with increased speed and responsiveness, making every interaction quick and seamless. From navigating through maps and streaming music to using various apps simultaneously, users can expect a lag-free experience.

GT7 device featuring a SIM card slot for independent internet access and a TF card slot for memory expansion and offline media playback.

Independent Connectivity and Expandable Memory

With its own SIM card slot, this device offers independent internet access, freeing users from the need to rely on a smartphone connection. This feature ensures constant online presence, vital for real-time navigation updates, streaming services, and accessing cloud-based content. Additionally, the inclusion of a TF card slot allows for memory expansion, enabling users to store and play music, movies, and other media offline. This dual capability not only enhances the GT7's functionality as a standalone device but also provides flexibility in how content is consumed and stored, making it perfect for keeping entertainment and resources readily available, regardless of cellular signal strength.

GT7 device integrated into a car's system, highlighting the seamless use of original steering wheel, knob, and touchscreen controls.

Enhanced Vehicle Control: Integrating with Original Interfaces

By maintaining full compatibility with the vehicle's original interfaces, this device ensures a smooth integration that respects the car's inherent design. The GT7 enhances the driving experience by extending the functionality of existing steering wheel controls, knobs, buttons, and even the car's touchscreen, without altering their original feel or operation. This approach allows drivers to access new features, like advanced navigation and entertainment options, using the controls they are already familiar with.

Showing the GT7 device connected to a car's USB port, illustrating the simple plug-and-play setup for accessing CarPlay and Android Auto.

Easy Setup with USB Plug and Play

Offering a straightforward setup process, the GT7 simplifies the way drivers access CarPlay, Android Auto, and Android 13 systems. By simply plugging the device into the car's USB port and connecting a phone with a cable, users can instantly enjoy a wide range of features without the need for complex installation procedures.

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Linkifun GT7 Android 13 Smart AI Box Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto Adapter 4GB RAM + 64GB Storage

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Works with iPhone & Android

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