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SP8505 5" IP67 Waterproof Motorcycle Smart Screen, GPS Navigation with Wireless Apple Carplay, Android Auto

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Wireless Carplay and Android Auto Integration

Enhance your riding experience with the SP8505, offering state-of-the-art wireless Carplay and Android Auto connectivity. Designed for both iOS and Android users, this motorcycle GPS navigation system connects seamlessly via Bluetooth, enabling direct access to mobile apps, voice-controlled calling, and more. Its hands-free functionality not only improves safety but also ensures that riders stay connected effortlessly. Perfect for the modern motorcyclist, the SP8505 is your gateway to a smarter, safer, and more connected journey.

Front & Rear Recording

Elevate your motorcycle's safety and documentation capabilities with the SP8505's integrated front and rear recorder camera feature. This system includes a 1080P high-definition front camera connector (4Pin), ensuring crisp, clear footage of your rides. Whether navigating through bustling city streets or cruising on scenic routes, the SP8505 provides reliable, continuous recording from both the front and rear perspectives. Ideal for capturing memorable journeys or providing essential evidence in the event of an incident, the SP85's dual-camera setup is a must-have accessory for the safety-conscious and adventurous rider alike.

Advanced Dual Bluetooth Connectivity for Wireless Entertainment and Communication

Elevate your ride with our motorcycle smart screen, equipped with dual Bluetooth for wireless Carplay, Android Auto, and phone mirroring. Enjoy effortless audio and video streaming, and safely manage calls and voice content through a Bluetooth helmet connection. This compact solution ensures you stay entertained and connected, hands-free and focused on the road.

Effortless GPS Navigation with Bluetooth Integration

Upgrade your ride with our cutting-edge GPS system, designed for Bluetooth connectivity to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Leverage the power of your smartphone's GPS to navigate using top apps like Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps. This integration simplifies your journey, offering clear directions and real-time updates directly on your device.

High-Speed 5G WiFi Connectivity

Elevate your riding experience with our SP8505 motorcycle smart screen, featuring a built-in 5.0G WiFi module. By harnessing the speed of 5G networks, this device offers a dual 5G connection with your smartphone, ensuring a stable and automatic link-up. This cutting-edge technology guarantees swift and reliable internet access on the go, making it easier than ever to stay connected, stream content, and use navigation services seamlessly.

Rugged Waterproof Design for All-Weather Riding

Designed to withstand the elements, our motorcycle smart screen is IP67 certified, making it fully waterproof and dustproof. This robust build ensures that your device remains protected against rain, splashes, and dust, allowing you to navigate with confidence in any weather condition. Whether you're caught in a downpour or exploring dusty trails, our system guarantees reliability and durability for uninterrupted adventures.

Smartphone Mirroring for Enhanced Display

Maximize your motorcycle's display capabilities with our smart screen smartphone mirroring feature. This convenient functionality allows you to project your smartphone screen directly onto the device, enabling easy access to apps, maps, and media. Perfect for riders looking to enhance their journey with the familiar interface of their mobile device, our system supports a seamless transition from phone to motorcycle display, ensuring you stay connected and in control.



  • Screen size: 5-inch screen
  • Resolution:800x480 /IPS
  • CPU: Quanzhi F133-B,2-core RISC CPUntegrated 64-bit processor Main frequency 533MHZ
  • Operating system: Linux/password
  • Running memory:128M DDR2(built-in chip)
  • External interface:TAPY-C(9V-24V)TF card(Maximum support 64GB)
  • Waterproof grade: IP67
  • Touch: Support 2.5D /AF
  • Recorder: Support (plug-in recorder)
  • Power supply:9V-24V (wide voltage power supply)
  • Support H.265, H.264, MPEG-12/4, JPEG, VC1, and other full format decoding, Independent hardware encoders can encode JPEG or MJPEG, integrate multiple adc/dac and 2S/PCM/DMIC/ owac audio interfaces to seamlessly connect with the CPU, accelerate multimedia algorithms, and provide perfect voice interaction solutions.
  • Support stereo headphone output, and dual Bluetooth, which can be used at the same time Connect mobile phone Bluetooth, Bluetooth headphones, helmets, audio, etc.
  • Support Bluetooth, A2DP, Bluetooth V5.0; realize Bluetooth connection to play mobile phone music display multimedia ID3 information: sound can be heard through Bluetooth headphones
  • Mobile Internet: Using mobile phone data wireless transmission mirroring technology, all APPs of mobile phones can be synchronized to PND, synchronous display, from small screen to large screen.
  • Double recording travel recorder: PND plays driving video, single/double recording camera,140-160 degree wide-angle display.

SP8505 5" IP67 Waterproof Motorcycle Smart Screen, GPS Navigation with Wireless Apple Carplay, Android Auto

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Support Phones


Wireless Carplay


Wirless Android Auto


YouTube & Netflix


App Store for Additional Apps




Screen Mirroring


TF Card/ USB Flash Drive


4G Network

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