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Linkifun L8 Carplay Android AI Box for BMW - Customizable System ID6/ID7/ID8/ID8.5

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Support Phones

  • Works with iPhone

Product Features

✔ Built-in GPS

✔ Supports YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu

✔ App downloads via Google Play

✔ Support global SIM card and 4G network.

✔ OTA firmware updates

✔ Customizable desktop

✔ Micro SD storage expansion

Compatible Vehicle Models List

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Product Demonstration

Linkifun BMW Carplay Android AI Box with SIM card and mobile hotspot connectivity

Versatile Connectivity Options

Offering flexible internet connectivity, this Carplay Android AI box for BMW supports both a SIM card for independent networking and the ability to connect to a mobile hotspot. This ensures users can always maintain access to essential services such as navigation, streaming, and online features, even when mobile coverage is unreliable.

Customizable app desktop on Linkifun BMW Carplay Android AI Box, featuring Google Store apps

Enhanced App Experience

Enhance your driving experience with the ability to download a wide array of apps directly from the Google Store using our Carplay Android AI box for BMW. This feature allows for a highly personalized interface, as users can customize their system desktop according to their preferences. Whether you want quick access to your favorite navigation apps, music streaming services, or productivity tools, you can arrange your apps on the home screen for optimal convenience.

  • Customizable bottom app drawer on the Linkifun L8 BMW Carplay Android AI Box

    Customizable App Drawer

    Customize your in-car interface with the Linkifun L8's bottom app drawer, which can be freely replaced to suit your preferences. Tailor the apps and tools you need most for easy access while driving.

  • Dynamic component replacement on the home screen of Linkifun L8 BMW Carplay Android AI Box

    Dynamic Home Screen Components

    Redefine your dashboard display with component replacement on the home screen. Every app on the homepage is designed as a layout section, enabling personalized arrangement and visibility.

  • Flexible layout options available on the Linkifun L8 BMW Carplay Android AI Box

    Flexible Layout Options

    Optimize your viewing experience with multiple layout options for the desktop interface. Choose the layout that best fits your needs and enhances your interaction with the system.

Linkifun BMW Carplay Android AI Box showcasing GPS, GLONASS, and Beidou navigation systems with various map apps

Advanced Navigation Capabilities

Experience unmatched navigation accuracy with the built-in GPS navigation system in our Carplay Android AI box for BMW, which supports GPS, GLONASS, and Beidou satellites. This integration ensures that you can use major mapping apps like Waze, Google Maps, and Tmap with real-time data updates, providing reliable and precise routing wherever your journey takes you. The triple-system support ensures that you have the best possible signal and positioning accuracy, making it easy to navigate complex routes and find your way in unfamiliar areas without hassle.

Streaming 4K content on Linkifun BMW Carplay Android AI Box with multiple streaming apps

Ultra High-Definition Media Playback

Enjoy a premium entertainment experience with support for multiple media players such as YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+ on our Carplay Android AI box for BMW, all in stunning 4K resolution. With a display resolution of 3840x2160, the image quality is four times that of Full HD. Whether you're watching movies, streaming series, or catching up on your favorite shows, the vivid clarity and enhanced detail ensure a captivating viewing experience during every drive.

Linkifun BMW Carplay Android AI Box with 8-core MediaTek 6765 CPU

8-core MediaTek 6765 CPU

The Linkifun L8 Carplay Android AI Box for BMW is equipped with a powerful 8-core MediaTek 6765 CPU, ensuring a smooth and responsive user experience. This advanced processor allows for fast and stable WiFi connections, eliminating lag and providing a seamless interface with your vehicle's system. Whether streaming music, navigating, or using voice commands, you can expect a reliable performance without any interruptions.

Linkifun BMW Carplay Android AI Box showing TF card and SIM card slots for expanded storage and connectivity

Expanded Storage and Communication

Enhance your connectivity and storage options with the ability to insert a TF card, expanding storage up to 256GB, and a SIM card slot for making calls and independent internet access in our L8 Carplay Android AI box for BMW. This dual functionality allows you to store extensive media libraries, including music, videos, and app data, directly in your vehicle, ensuring they are always at your fingertips. Additionally, the SIM card capability enables you to make calls and stay connected to the internet without relying on your smartphone, offering convenience and enhancing safety while driving.

Integrated control methods in the Linkifun L8 BMW Carplay Android AI Box, including voice, knob, steering wheel, and touch controls

Multiple Modern Control Methods

The Linkifun L8 Carplay Android AI Box for BMW retains the original vehicle controls while adding multiple modern control methods for enhanced flexibility. Utilize voice commands for efficient hands-free operation, enjoy precise adjustments with the familiar knob control, access functions directly through the steering wheel controls, or interact with the system using touch controls. This integration ensures a seamless user experience, allowing you to maintain focus on the road while effortlessly managing your settings and apps.

Specifications and package contents of the Linkifun BMW Carplay Android AI Box

L8 User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Enter the System for the First Time on L8?

1. When the device is connected to the car, the L8 light will turn blue.
2. Next, select the communication icon.
3. Then click on mobile device.
4. First, delete the previously linked devices displayed in the car, then click on new device.
5. Under functions, click on phone and audio (via Bluetooth or Apple CarPlay). The screen will show that it is searching for devices. Then select the BM-XXXX device to connect.
6. Finally, click on use Apple CarPlay to log into the L8 system.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Markus Farber
Great service and product

They were super responsive, and expedient in their delivery.

Douglas A. Thompson
Much more convenient.

This is a very useful carplay. With it, I don't need to pull a data line can easily achieve car and machine interconnection, I just plug the box into the car usb interface, and then the phone connects to the box wifi, the phone can easily achieve mapping, and there is no delay in operation, it can automatically connect to the car. Now I don't have to operate my phone while driving, which is not only very convenient but also greatly improves my driving safety. It perfectly transformed my original car from a radio to a smartphone, which was awesome. Now the center console of my car is much cleaner, there are no annoying data cables, and it looks much more comfortable. As for its durability, I will wait and see, after all, I have only used it for half month.

Linkifun L8 Carplay Android AI Box for BMW - Customizable System ID6/ID7/ID8/ID8.5



Android 10



Support Phones

Works with iPhone

Wireless Carplay


Wirless Android Auto


YouTube & Netflix


App Store for Additional Apps




Screen Mirroring


TF Card/ USB Flash Drive

TF Card

4G Network

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