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Linkifun S3 Wireless Adapter for Seamless Conversion of Wired Carplay & Android Auto to Wireless

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Support Phones

  • Works with iPhone & Android

Support Cars

Support Cars with Factory Wired Carplay or Factory Wired Android Auto

Product Features

Wireless Freedom for CarPlay and Android Auto

Plug-and-play easy setup and use.

Linkifun S3 adapter converting factory-wired CarPlay and Android Auto into a wireless system for seamless smartphone connectivity in cars.

Seamless Wired Carplay/ Android Auto to Wireless Conversion

The Linkifun S3 Wireless Adapter effortlessly transforms your vehicle's factory-wired CarPlay or Android Auto into a wireless system. Eliminate the clutter of cables and enjoy automatic smartphone connectivity for navigation, music, and calls as soon as you start your car. This upgrade not only makes your driving experience more enjoyable but also tidies up your car’s interior, enhancing both convenience and the overall aesthetic.

  • Wireless Carplay

  • Linkifun-S3-Wireless-Adapter-for-Seamless-Conversion-of-Wired-Carplay-_-Android-Auto-to-Wireless-Android-Auto

    Wireless Android Auto

Wireless Carplay and Android Auto adapter showing compatibility with both iOS and Android smartphones for versatile in-car use.

Comprehensive Support for iOS and Android Devices

Designed to accommodate a broad range of users, this adapter supports both Apple and Android smartphones. It is compatible with Apple devices running iOS 10 and above, and Android devices operating on Android 11.0 and higher. This wide compatibility ensures that most recent smartphone owners can enjoy the full benefits of Wireless Carplay and Android Auto adapters, facilitating effortless connectivity and enhanced in-car entertainment and navigation functionalities.

Linkifun S3 adapter automatically connecting to a smartphone in a car, providing instant access to navigation, music, and calls.

Streamlined Setup and Instant Connection

Once the initial setup is complete, the Linkifun S3 automatically connects to your smartphone each time you start your car. This instant connectivity eliminates the need to manually pair your device for each drive, streamlining your departure process. Designed to remember your smartphone, the adapter ensures subsequent trips are even more convenient. Enjoy seamless navigation, music streaming, and hands-free calls right from the moment you ignite the engine, allowing you to concentrate fully on the road ahead.

Linkifun S3 wireless adapter enabling voice control for safer and more convenient driving, supporting navigation, phone calls, and music.

Enhance Your Drive with Voice Control

Unlock the power of voice control with the Linkifun S3, your essential on-the-go assistant. By harnessing your smartphone's native voice command capabilities, the S3 facilitates hands-free operation of your vehicle's navigation, phone calls, and more. Simply issue a voice command and let the adapter handle the task, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road. This seamless integration not only ensures safer driving but also enhances the convenience of using your phone's features while moving. Whether making a call, setting a destination, or playing music, the S3 makes it all effortless and safe.

Linkifun S3 adapter integrated with car's original controls including touchscreen and steering wheel buttons, ensuring familiar and efficient operation.

Seamless Integration with Existing Car Controls

The Linkifun S3 ensures that all original car controls, such as touchscreen operation, steering wheel buttons, and voice assistant features, continue to work seamlessly. This integration allows you to navigate menus, make selections, and answer calls using the familiar controls of your car's systems without needing to adapt to new methods. By maintaining the intuitive operation of your vehicle's native interface, the S3 enhances your driving experience, keeping it smooth and enjoyable. Whether you tap, touch, or talk, your car responds just as it always has.


Product Parameters

Linkifun S3 Wireless Adapter for Seamless Conversion of Wired Carplay & Android Auto to Wireless






Support Phones

Works with iPhone & Android

Wireless Carplay


Wirless Android Auto


YouTube & Netflix


App Store for Additional Apps




Screen Mirroring


TF Card/ USB Flash Drive


4G Network

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