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Linkifun GT6 Android 13 Smart AI Box Wireless Carplay/ Android Auto Adapter with HDMI

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4G Network & ROM

Support Phones

  • Works with iPhone & Android

Product Features

✔ Seamless Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto

✔ Built-In Apps for Online Video Streaming

✔ HDMI Connectivity for Multi-Device Use

✔ Built-In GPS Navigation

✔ Download Apps via Google Play Store

✔ Split-Screen Multitasking

✔ 4G LTE & WiFi Connectivity

✔ Expandable Storage via Micro SD Card

Compatible Vehicle Models List

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Feature-Packed Android 13.0 Multimedia Box

The Linkifun GT6 is a state-of-the-art smart multimedia entertainment box powered by Android 13.0. With support for wireless Carplay/Android Auto, online video streaming from platforms like YouTube and Netflix, built-in GPS navigation, access to the Google Play Store, split-screen functionality, 4G connectivity, and expandable storage via a TF card, it's the ultimate all-in-one solution for entertainment, navigation, and connectivity. Whether you're on the road or at home, the Linkifun GT6 delivers a seamless and feature-rich multimedia experience.

Expand Your Entertainment Horizons with Google Play Store

With direct access to the vast Google Play Store, the possibilities are endless for expanding the capabilities of the Linkifun GT6. Download apps, games, utilities, and more to fully customize your GT6 experience. Whether you want to access your favorite streaming apps that aren't pre-installed, install regional navigation tools, update system utilities, or download the latest mobile games for a little fun, the Google Play Store grants you access to an extensive library of programs to enhance your multimedia box. With new apps constantly being added, you'll always have new ways to get more out of your GT6 smart box.

Watch Online Video On-the-Go

The Linkifun GT6 comes pre-installed with all your favorite streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, so passengers can watch movies, TV shows, music videos, and more during any car ride. It's Android 13 OS and 8-core processing provides fast, seamless access to these entertainment apps, which you can easily launch and control right from your car's touchscreen. Enjoy high-definition streaming video in your car without mirroring thanks to the GT6's direct support for today's top online streaming platforms. And if you need any streaming services the GT6 doesn't already have, you can easily download additional apps right from the Google Play Store for even more on-the-go entertainment options.

HDMI Connectivity for Multi-Device Use

The Linkifun GT6 goes beyond in-car use with its HDMI port, allowing you to connect the device to any TV or monitor at home. Enjoy your favorite streaming apps on the big screen by linking the GT6 to an external display. Use it as a hub to consolidate your streaming services and content in one place. With the ability to work both on the road or at home, the Linkifun GT6 is an all-in-one multimedia adapter for all your Android entertainment needs across devices and locations.


Multitask Like a Pro

The Linkifun GT6 lets you get more done on the road with split-screen support. Use two apps at the same time, like navigating with maps while also browsing TikTok or social media on the side. Stream music through one app while accessing another. With the ability to divide the display, the GT6 enables easy multitasking for both productivity and entertainment. Now drivers and passengers alike can make the most of their journey with parallel on-screen activities.

Optimized Viewing Modes

  • Seamless Landscape and Portrait Orientation

    The GT6 interface seamlessly transitions between landscape and portrait modes based on device orientation. Information dynamically adjusts to be optimally displayed whether upright or tilted. The GT6 delivers an ideal viewing experience in any situation through its responsive and flexible screen modes.

  • Optimal Day and Night Viewing

    The Linkifun GT6 interface supports switching between day and night themes. The day mode is easy to see in bright conditions while the night mode prevents dazzling lights in the dark. This adjustable display ensures critical driving information is visible any time of day for safety and convenience.

Store More Entertainment

The Linkifun GT6 features a micro SD card slot for easily expanding your storage capacity. Load up a memory card with your favorite movies, shows, music, and more for offline playback later. With expandable storage, you'll never be without entertainment options on the go. Keep a huge media library right on your GT6 so passengers always have plenty to watch, listen to, and enjoy during any trip. The possibilities are endless when you can augment the GT6's built-in storage with a massive external micro SD card.

Intelligent Voice Control

The Linkifun GT6 comes with a plug-and-play microphone for activating hands-free voice commands. Simply connect the mic, say "Hey Google" to wake the device, and issue requests like "Find nearby gas stations" or "Call Kevin." The GT6's intelligent voice assistant will quickly process your natural speech and follow your voice instructions to control music, navigation, calling, and more. You can keep your focus on the road while controlling key functions through conversational voice commands with the included microphone.

Navigation and Connectivity On Board

With the Linkifun GT6, you'll always know where you're going and stay connected during the drive. The built-in GPS navigation provides turn-by-turn guidance to any destination with no phone needed. 4G LTE and WiFi connectivity enables calling, web access, and more through the GT6 itself - just insert a SIM card. Between reliable point-to-point navigation and the ability to connect to 4G and WiFi networks, the GT6 has you covered for navigation and connectivity right out of the box, keeping you informed and on track while on the go.

Lightning-Fast Performance

With the Qualcomm QCM6125 processor, featuring a Quad-core ARM Cortex™-A73 at 2.0GHz + Quad-core ARM Cortex™-A53 at 1.8GHz CPU, the Linkifun GT6 delivers exceptional speed and responsiveness. This potent chipset, along with 4GB LPDDR4 RAM and 64GB UFS ROM, provides benchmark scores over 200,000 for lightning-fast processing. Based on advanced 11nm fabrication, the GT6's hardware configuration handles demanding multimedia apps, complex graphics, and multi-tasking smoothly and reliably. Even with multiple resource-heavy programs running at once, the GT6's powerful CPU and ample RAM ensure snappy and consistent performance when you need it.


  • System: Android 13
  • CPU: Qualcomm's QCM6125, Quad-core ARM Cortex™-A73,2.0GHz +Quad-core ARM Cortex™-A53,1.8GHz 
  • Versions:
    a. Eurasian EAU version (Asian, European countries)
    b. North American NA version (North America, Canada)
    c. JP version (Japan)
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.2 BLE+5.0 BLE (Can be connected to wireless mouse/remote control/tire
    Function: Open Android system/APP download/Video/Music/Built-in GPS/Wireless Carplay&Android Auto/TF cardpressure/keyboard/OBD, etc.)
  • Power Input: 5V⎓1A
    Operating Temp: -20C~70°C
  • Interface: Type-C/ TF/ SIM/ MIC /HDMI
  • Support iPhone: iPhone 6 and above/IOS 10+
  • Support Android Phone: Android 11.0+
  • Size: 12.5*97.1*59.5mm

GT6 User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upgrade the GT6 to Android 13?

As of May 2024, all GT6 units shipped by us come pre-installed with Android 13. If you purchased a GT6 with Android 12 before this date, you can upgrade to Android 13 by visiting our page: How to Upgrade the GT6 to Android 13 for detailed instructions. For further assistance, please contact us at

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Zafer Yalcin

Linkifun GT6 Android 13 Smart AI Box Wireless Carplay/ Android Auto Adapter with HDMI

Jesse Hwang
Product is small, exquisite and powerful

This CarPlay function is really powerful and can connect quickly, making me no longer bored while waiting in the car.

James I. Norton
Take it anywhere you go

Using and connecting it is simple and straightforward. The best part is that I can take it anywhere, if its not being used in my car I can easily take it and connect it to a friends car if Im catching a ride or road-tripping with him. Being able to watch Netflix or YouTube on a roadtrip is ideal for the amount of time you are going to be on the road. All you gotta have is CarPlay, which nowadays most of the cars have it.

Jerry Knopp
So Far So Good

One of the best features of this device is that it supports most streaming apps, such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Disney+, etc. It comes with these apps pre-installed, and I can also download and update other apps I like, such as Prime Video, YouTube Kids, etc. I can watch my favorite shows and movies on the car screen, or output them to a second screen via HDMI. The HDMI out feature also allows me to display different content on the two screens, which is great for passengers who want to watch something else. For example, I can use navigation or view information on the car screen while my kids watch cartoons on the headrest display. Of course dont use these apps while youre driving :)

Platt Charpentier
Good value for money

After receiving the product and using it for a few days, I feel it is pretty good. I can watch movies, listen to music, download my favorite software, and I dont need to connect it to the car through wires. It is worth the money.

Linkifun GT6 Android 13 Smart AI Box Wireless Carplay/ Android Auto Adapter with HDMI

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Android 13.0



Support Phones

Works with iPhone & Android

Wireless Carplay


Wirless Android Auto


YouTube & Netflix


App Store for Additional Apps




Screen Mirroring


TF Card/ USB Flash Drive

TF Card

4G Network

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